Laddus recipe

 Here comes my own recipe for the delicious Indian treat , "Laddu", here veganized. It´s great to make for that special Easter treat with family and/or friends.

Jolly Vegan Saffron Laddus, 9 of them

ingredients:   1.     3dl. chick-pea flour

                       2.     1 dl. raw cane-sugar

                        3.     3 to 4 spoons of pumpkin seeds

                        4.      0.75 dl   coconut oil, preferably Extra Virgin

                        5.      1/2 a ripe Banana    

                        6.       4 spoonfuls of olive oil

                        7.     2 to 3 pinches of saffron

How to:   In a pan, put in the chickpee flour, sugar, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil and grounded saffron. put on the heat on medium and roast all of the ingredients until soft brown and sugar melts. add the olive oil and mix. With a fork, puré the banana on a dish and mix with the ingredients in the pan, now removed from the heat. fill forms of metal or paper. If you use metal forms you might want to put some coconut oil and coconut flakes at the bottom of each portion form. put somewhere cool and then enjoy these simply irresistable toffee-treat with your favorite cup of tea!   

In the video I]m mostly dancing about and talking about Pierias, the place in Stockholm I most enjoy to buy ecological chickpea flour and other treats that are easy to serve as they are as classy and good quality, high vibe, snacks in these hungry Easter times. Happy Holidays in harmony with the love, peace and endless patience and generosity of Mother Earth!!! 


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