The Flow Show

 This autumn we are very happy to announce that we ar writing a book about Flow called Mitt Liv som Flow which translates to "My life as Flow". We are also still making handcraft with Flows dreadlocks. This is something that I started doing already 11 years ago, but this year we feel even more propelled to do this because we actually got fined around 200 dollars by a Swedish authority that someone anonymously had called and made a report to because they we worried that we were mistreating our dog by giving him a vegan diet and because they noticed the large  dreadlock on his tail and some others on their way here and there! 

   The Flow Show started as a birthday celebration on, interactive show for kids, parents and friends. I started writing the music for this show in 2015 and around 1 year later I could earn a living with our entertainment at least for one summer. The script and musical material is currently in Swedish since we perform with it mostly locally here in Stockholm, and occasionally also at festivals in the countryside. I will probably translate at at least some of it to English. All of the songs from The Flow Show will also be included in the book we are writing! In other words, there will be an audio CD coming with the book. Release date is yet not set, but hopefully by the coming of spring. Also, we are considering giving out an e-book as it brings down our costs a lot. The book and merch will godwillingly be available for sale on this page soon 😊✨. 

This Flow Show is currently turning in to a dance-show for charity parties, campaigns and demonstrations for a freer and more floweous world! To learn more about this collab with rising edm (electronic dance music) producers, please follow our Instagram account, also called Derlyflow. 

Derlyflows Instagram Page

The pic is from Fridays for Future with Greta Thunberg here in Stockholm, where we usually attend and share both music and a vegan fast rawfood experience with our pop-café 😃. Now with the Corona-crisis we haven't been able to have any shows though, 😢, something that has, together with the fine, affected our economy. That is why we are making more jewelry, ie. earings and necklaces. and hope to be selling some to our friends and fans as presents for the coming Easter Holiday 🎄❤️. Pictures of our creations coming up soon! 



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