"Marks"; lyrics and background to my upcomming release!

 "Marks" is

a lovesong that I started writing 6 years ago, but since the love-relationship that I was in then didn't get anywhere, neither did the song. Then I started a new couple-relationship with another person called Mark and after a few years with this person the song finally got rolling again. I used to play the song for myself whenever we were having a hard time but I still felt great love. Nevertheless the song never got an ending until Mark decided to "take a break". Then I fell in love with him all over again, in an unconcious  attempt to save our relationship. I went into a creative frenzy writing several love-songs a week, writing love-letters and really trying to tell him just how much he means to me. This song really is one of the best songs I wrote during this dificult time, after a 4 year-long relationship that I thought would last all life, but then, to my dismay, just had to end. I was however wrong, to my uttermost happiness, the relationship did not have to end at all. Mark wrote to me that we would always be the most beautiful of friends, which is actually what we are nowadays. He helps me take care of my beloved dogs and gives me somewhat good advice on things once in a while. Romantic love has grown into deep friendship and respect, which is something we are both very grateful for, after all, who wants to end a relationship after investing so much time and energy and understanding that we have enough in common to still be creative and helpful towards one another. To change and transmute the energy has been difficult, painful and hard though, I must admit, but in the end truly freeing.  For me it's all really about expansion and growth as a person who trusts in Life and the bigger plan. I thank God for giving us the strength and insight to follow through with change for the better. Realizing that I hold him in my heart is for me peace. Why feel anything else for another person than love, peace and that you care for them and wish for them the best, instead of clinging on to bitterness, attachment, anger and resentment. All of this comes only after the deep realization that they too are a precious part of Gods/Godesses/ Life's creation and that true love is unconditional and lasts forever. 

        In a way this song is also about cherishing the time we had together and the Marks or prints that are left in both him and me, of one another. It is also about cherishing the beautiful creations we've pulled though, such as the productions of the songs "Livet Uppenbarar Sig Just Nu" and "Orchestrated Fear", both of which can be streamed online. Last but not least, this is a song about letting the hope of new romantic love to emerge in one's life, remain vibrant. After all, we can, as long as we wish to, remain open to all and every possibility of the universe to take us on yet another romantic joyride where our dreams, fantasies and needs truly can bloom, be realized, and embrazed, with yet another of Gods beautiful creations/creators. Yes, it's just all about letting love from the divine flow in and out of you and your life and being happy with it *!*  

How hard I try,
I try to run but I can't seem to hide,
more than a day or so, away from your love,
more than a day or so away from the dream of us...
Castle in the sand,
some'd say our love is just a castle in the sand,
but Baby, since the day that you took my hand,
I've given you my heart for keeping,
for the sake of love....

Let me believe,
Tell me a secret and let me just see,
the fire burning there for just you and me,
I'll keep returning, to feed this yearning...
Marks, the marks of you and me set heaven free...
and even though it breaks my heart and soul to see,
you wanna choose another way than me,
Sparks, sparks from our Love fall down from heaven up above,
and even though it hurts that you have walked away....
I'll keep returning, to feed this yearning,
Light, stairway to heaven when I close my eyes and see...
I hold you in me, I hold you in me....

Marks, the Marks of you and me set heaven Free...
Our Soul's desire to be loved with Heaven's Love,
Keeps me returning, to feed this yearnin'
Sparks, sparks of our love fall down from heaven up above,
and even though it hurts that you have walked away....
I'll keep returning, to feed this yearning,
Light, stairway to heaven when I close my eyes and see...
I hold you in me, I hold you in me...

Text and Music: Derlyflow 2016 & 2021,22


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