Love for our Earth and each other, that's why we Share this Dream

Yesterday I really joined Fridays for Future here in Stockholm!
I had been on the demonstration Global Strike for Climate 3 weeks ago, but even though that was mind-blowing, this was more awesome and totally different. Joining the activists in this very special place and with my unique gifts and purpose is a very important step along the way. I have for a long time now dreamed and longed for handing out vegan food again and this time it was an awesome rawfood-sallad that we prepared in place! I have also, since I started my admiration for Greta Thunberg, wanted to have personal contact with her and give her a hug, and yesterday we met and I did!
   So today I am feeling very content, posting this fresh news, very happy of all the new friends made yesterday, all of those who helped out in taking photos, filming and the sweet kitchen crew that I managed to enroll. And I'm very happy as well for my sponsor, one of my biggest fans in music and in activism, Dirk van Luiting, for sponsoring me to do this loving deed; to have a live rawfood workshop and hand out the food at Fridays for Future, one of the most radical environmental movements of our times! I feel I will continue because this felt really good, spreading my lifestyle for a better environment and robust health and merging with the other activists with whom I share a dream, though we do need more sponsors! Without further sponsoring I just couldn't continue and this is because my economical situation at the present hinders me to. If you'd like to sponsor me in continuing to give these kind of workshops and handing out climate-friendly food for free at Fridays for a Future, please sponsor me through Patreon! You will in this way also be sponsoring me as a musician and creator! And I will be forever thankful to you...

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Reflecting on what actually connects us, I would like to end this blogpost with a poem about it:

It's the love for our Earth and each other,
that's why we Share this Dream...
It's the feeling of love and belonging,
walking barefoot on the summer grass
with our longing feet...
It's the chirping of the birds
up in the trees,
the story of another spring,
yet another loving dream,
of friends getting togeher 
and sharing all and everything
that makes us what we want to be...
Authentic, radical individuals as well as a group,
a team, 
of earth-savers, tree-huggers
and light-beams!        

Derlyflow  6th april, 2019

For a couple of songs that I've written and recorded about our generous home, Mother Earth, please listen to them on Soundcloud (Derly Guman 1) or Spotify, artistname Derlyflow, enjoy and share if you like :)...


the Earth & Take off your Shoes :